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How to Love Your Husband

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Share 43 things I love about my husband
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1- He makes me laugh so hard I snort.
2- He’s a great kisser.
3- He gave me two bouquets for Mother’s Day; one from him, and one from our then 1-month old baby.
4- He is goofy.
5- His strong arms.
6- He is so hard-working.
7- He totally supports my knitting obsession.
8- He is totally, passionately, and unabashedly obsessed with cars and windsurfing.
9- He makes fantastic quesadillas.
10- He has caught my love for Pixar.
11- He looks so cute in his reading glasses.
12- He gets me Newman’s Peanut Butter Cups when he goes to the supermarket in Berkeley.
13- He goes to Stitch’n’Bitch with me, just to hang out and chat with my friends.
14- He says stuff like “Give me some action.”
15- He says I’m a wonderful mother.
16- He is a wonderful father.
17- He loves his family.
18- He is great with our daughter.
19- He lets me sleep late while he entertains our baby.
20- He almost always has coffee ready for me when I wake up after him.
21- He always thanks me for basic stuff like doing the laundry.
22- He gets very excited about my cooking.


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