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clean up my credit



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just a thougbt

look into credit counseling in your area, it is usually free and if not, often they will waive the fee. It is really great. They can help you go over your budget, give you tips on getting better credit and fixing what problems you may have. It can’t hurt and you will leve feeling a lot better and more in control of your life and your finances.


thanks very much.
i really need to get a hold of all of this. it’s aLL my fault. i ran up shit and just didn’t take care of it when i was a kid and then when i was a little older guys i dated ran up bills and swore they would pay them. right….. finding out years later they are thousands of dollars. people took out cell phones in my name turned on utilities places, some i lived in and even i turned them on and when moved out n turned them off they turned them back on. this is why i luv living alone and wouldn’t have it any other way…..
i will totally check out something. is there a specf. place u recommend?

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