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get out of debt
It's about time..!

I am the only person in my family who always learns things the hard way. They’ve always warned me about being in debt and how insecure.

I will have to be out of debt before Mid 2009.


i have never experienced exactly what you are going through because i am still young but i feel for you. may you do all that you have the power to do with a full heart and may you not worry about the things you have no control over. as you can see, other people on this site are dealing with the same thing you are…life has a bitter taste to it i guess. good luck and don’t forget to laugh and smile!

Ur a star

I pray for you from the deepest knock inside my heart that you never experience being in debt. I am not that old myself I am 23 years and have a very well paid job and haven’t saved a penny bu instead in dept. Please be smarter than me and never ever go in dept as its a cycle ull hardly get urself out off. Thank you so much my darling for your support =)

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