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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 5 entries…)
11-20... odd things that make me smile!

11. Jasmine,my beautiful golden retriever (seen above)... when she looks at me as if I can do no wrong. It makes me think about how often I do.

12. Being with my entire family on the beach

13. Going to the ocean and seeing how everything is exactly the same as how you left it; even if everything else is changing.

14. Belting out the words to your favorite song, as loud as you can, without caring that people can probably hear you.

15. Heath Ledger, watching all of his movies (xoxo forever Heath!!!)

16. Having a huge movie day with all of my friends, where we do nothing but sit on our butts, eat junk food, and watch.

17. Staying up late into the night and talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

18. Getting a brand new outfit and feeling completely invincible and confident.

19. Doing backflips and front flips on the trampoline… specifically the feeling of weightlessness and giddy joy immediately after.

20. Doing things you are absolutely terrified of doing, but you go ahead with them anyway!

Thanks for the comments guys! 1-10 were so much fun to think of. These are in no particular order, in case anyone was wondering. There were a few that slipped my mind, but I am sure that I will get them down later.


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