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Stop Picking At My Face (read all 23 entries…)
starting over

So, about a month and a half ago, I got laid off from my job. So I stopped taking my birth control (lybrel) which I got no period on. I cant really afford it now. So I think stress and going off the birth contol caused my hormones to go out of conrol, and started causing me to break out. Then I just got my first period in almost 2 years. So, last night I picked at my face and made it look like crap, now I’m just feeling depressed. I am trying to get into a school right now that starts in August for skin care (esthetics). I would eventually like to become a dermatologist. But, how can I go to school for skin when my own face looks like shit? That is like going to a personal trainer who is out of shape. So 3 weeks to break a habit starts again today for me. It worked last time. I will count tomorrow as day one as I already picked today. Wish me luck!!!


CindaMarie chaser of light

I know that your face might not look as well as you would like right now, but I don’t think that should discourage you in the slightest bit in your pursuit of going to school for skin care. You care enough to want to find balance with your own skin that I think you could be a great encouragement to those who will come to you for help with their own skin problems. :)

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