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foreverHoping cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
I'm baaack.

Hi guys. I’m back faster than I thought I would be. My situation is much better now than it was about 5 days ago. It seems like ages since I last wrote, but it was only thursday. My friends and everyone on 43things have been so supportive and kind to me. I don’t know where I would be without them <3.

The problem is, while I have been gone, I have been eating junk like a pig, and not really caring what I ate. Problem. I gained about 3 pounds in 5 days, putting me, once again, 5 pounds away from my goal. Poop. Yesterday I started softball camp though, and we do softball-type activities for about 5 hours a day, which according to the daily plate, burns 1,191 calories! It kind of makes up for the awful eating I have been doing, because I have camp for the next 2 weeks. Fun!

Today I Ate a Ton!
B: 100 calorie pack of cookies ( I found it in my friends bag :D)
L: A green salad with a light italian dressing, a Kid’s Mix from quaker, a few bites of peach, and a water bottle.
S: (This is where I was so awful) a bag of sour patch watermelon, two 8-inch churros, and some brownie. Later I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies as well!
D: Half a slice of pizza.

Today’s total came out to be: 1,596 calories, according to the Daily Plate . com (A new site that I am using that I positively ADORE! Anyone looking for a good weight tracking site, go here, its amazing!)

But I burned a ton of calories with camp, from sweating in the sun and doing drills, so I guess its okay with the awful day. But I want to be down to my target weight by the end of the summer! Tomorrow I will plan out my meals, as to avoid overeating.

See you guys later!

xoxo, H.


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