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get an industrial piercing (read all 3 entries…)
3 Weeks in......

After three weeks this piercing is healing nicely, it’s nowhere near as tender or sore now even if i knock it (unless really hard).

It’s great. I still can’t wait for the six weeks to be u so I can put the single in, I have been tempted to be naughty and just put it in early but from all the research I have done; cartilage is not something to mess around with because it is easily aggravated and can be prone to infection so I am going to do it by the book.

As for as aftercare, I have now adopted the “Leave it the hell alone” approach, I did salt water soaks for the first week and half twice a day, but now it just gets washed in the shower, no antibacterial products (as these can hinder healing) and its going great.

I am marking this “Worth Doing” now. Such a great piercing, even with the two small bars it looks pretty cool.



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