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write a book (read all 2 entries…)
My ideas for books

Here a collection of notes I have on the different books I hope to write, all these notes are from ideas I saved in .txt files, which I have been updating for several years now.
Some of these notes may make no sense to you but all is there for a reason and connects to some experiences or thoughts I have. The .txt files ensure I will not forget the points I want to make.
I don’t ever expect to publish a hard copy book (other than perhaps several prints for family), but I certainly expect to publish ebooks online in the future.

At this stage I have .txt files/resources on these books:
- “Tour of death”
- Autobiography: “Where’s the fun in that?”
- Rambo 5: Making the world a better place
- “The invisible shackles”
- Another book about me: “Where’s the fun in that 2”

- Autobiography:

I already got most of my lifetime biography down on .txt. But it will need translating to English, and tidying up, as it has been written rather informally as part of a long letter to family.

- Book about me:

I’ve got a collection of .txt’s slowly accumulated over time that would resemble a few hundred words. These would easily form a platform for well over ten thousand words.

This book would be an easy while-on-holiday-type read, inspirational and entertaining.


My strengths
My weakness
What I like
What I don’t like

Life goals:
- The goals guide: My extensive, personal guide to the setting and achieving of goals.
- Humanism
- Sports
- Health
—Weight / bodyfat
—Today’s health administration
- What’s the point
- What would jesus do
- Not getting the picture? [balanced life]

- Family success factor
- Society, multigenerational households.

Money & Hypocricy:
- Hypocricy index
- Join the club!
- Popular culture (the biggest hypocricy?)
- Propserity teaching: Have some cake!
- What would (did) Jesus do
- How to go to heaving while being rich.

Business success factors:
- Motivation
- Self discipline
- Skills & intelligence

My observations:
Walking around, driving around or even flying around I’ve seen things, in some cases I have something cynical to say about it. In other cases I’m just fascinated about something.

- Retail industry
—Psychology application (with specific regard to convenience spending).
- Elevators
- Running chairs
- Door fans
- Automatic slide doors
- Music
- Lighting
- Shelf layout & location
- Drivethrough
- The people factor
—Sales & specials (what are the tactical motives?)
—Online retail: as convenient as it gets?
—Shopping malls
—Obsessive inventory management FIFO etc.
—Fast food chains: subway, mcdonalds

- Wall Street Society: unusual lifestyles, habits and sleeping patterns. The big sacrifice.

- National health administration and durg agencies: bureaucracy drunk on statistics and …

- Rambo 5

I once came up with a rambo 5 story plot, which I may write out one day.

- Tour of death

It would be following a route of fatal car accidents across a country, briefly describing the actual person that died in the scene in a idyllic-short-story like manner.
It would call for careful driving and respect all people involved.

- Private investigator
- Support by police
- Support of affected families and friends
- Time & money
- More time & money

All proceeds go to charitable trust that promotes safe driving on schools.

- Invisible shackles

Attack on the pornography/immoral sex habits addictions of the 21st century, which are so easily hidden and ignored.
The effects it has on the society and the economy.
Guide and references to the road of redemption, pussycat preachers, inspirational stories and protection measures for young children.


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