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become a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason (read all 3 entries…)

The classes spanned two days, not nearly enough time to show the degrees properly, but it was highly enjoyable.



so, 2 b 1 ask 1. seems like youre a 32nd degree mason. please tell me about it some. i have long been wanting to be one. my grandfather and other family members were grandmaster masons in Pakistan (before masonry was banned from pakistan under the military dictatorships). I have read up quite a lot on freemasons but a lot of the books and websites make it out to be some horrible underground cult that i know it is not. please tell me some more about it.


the truth

Truth is that the reson most people see it as a cult is because it is a very progrssive fraternity. Most of the freedoms that are being spread throughout the world (religious, speech & expression) are root values of Freemasonry. Remember that at one time in history Christianity was considered a cult too; it preached salvation to the heathen masses, which to that point was unheard of. The idea of a totally free society scares those that wish to hold society down, dictators and religious zealots alike. The truth is that there is a reason why Freemasonry is banned from Communist and dictatorship governments, it empowers the people to take control of their own destiny and not rely on the powers in charge. A lot of what you read as “fact” on the websites is complete rubbish made up by some conspiracy nut.

Freemasonry in America (I am assuming that you are in America) is undergoing a radical change right now, but for the better. Out with the old and in with the new. Any modern book on Masonry that you will read speaks of the decrease in membership that is occuring, but there is a new wave of younger men interested in Masonry that are going to revive Masonry to its true form and grandeur that it once had. I know this because I am one of them, in my early 20s, and there are others. Now is an excellent time to join because you will be seeing a lot of changes and learning a lot.

Check out these books and authors for some in depth Masonic knowledge that is free to the public:
“The Meaning of Masonry” by W.L. Wilmshurst
“Masonic Initiation” by W.L. Wilmshurst
“Ancient Masonry” by C.C.Zain
“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall
“Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians” by Manly P. Hall

wish i can be one myself!

got no time for it before as am in aforeign country that bans the craft! well, maybe at home in the coming years! nice comment bro! pinoyofw

If it was highly enjoyable, why do you say it was not worth it?

Even though I enjoyed it, the presentation was severly lacking. I think that I could get the same enjoyment out of going to a theater, and for a lot less cost. The work that the Scottish Rite does is very watered down and in some instances completely changed from its origin. They have sacrificed quality for expediency.
In the meantime, I have demitted from the SR and my Grand Lodge, and have decided to join the United Grand Lodge of America. They really expound the history and teachings of Masonry. Their focus on the educational aspects of Masonry makes the educational aspects of my old Grand Lodge look like day care. For more information visit:

No offense, but ugla sounds a little “fly by night.”

Why work within legitimate Masonry? We can rush off and start our own Masonry, with a website and everything!

Color me unimpressed.

I noticed the following in their FAQ:

“Q: Do I have to quit my membership in my present Lodge to become a member of a UGLA Lodge or organization?

A: No. As far as the UGLA is concerned you can belong to any organization that you choose and remain a member of any UGLA organization.”

In other words, the ugla welcomes men who knowingly violate their obligation not to sit in a clandestine lodge of Masons?

At least you demitted. I respect you for that.

Thanks for answering my question. I wish you the best.


Truth be told, we could care less whether or not the ‘antient’ blue grand lodges recognize us or not. I was made a Mason in AL, so how can I be declared clandestine? Please look up the definition of the word “clandestine”, you will find that its definition does not fit how you have used it. We do not hide in the shadows. In fact, we were all made Masons in regular grand lodges. I left that system for multiple reasons; 1) because it specifically excludes African-Americans (see for more information as well as photocopies of documents) and 2) because I was told by lodge members during a discussion within the lodge that I was “going to hell” because I did not believe in God the same way that they did.
When Masonry is devalued into a system of bigoted individuals and profanation is the standard for lodge behavior, what is there left to reconcile? The only way to move into the 21st century is to let the old die off and begin fresh.
Time shall tell what our value is, but if I have anything to say about it, we will be the new driving force for Masonry in America.

If my Masonry specifically excluded african americans, or any race, I would demit as well. Thankfully it does not. My lodge is under the Grand Lodge of Kansas, AF&AM.

Now if a Brother were to say to me in lodge that I was going to hell for my beliefs, I can only imagine that I’d just shake my head, shrug it off and and figure it was their problem. My brothers know full well that I’m not a christian, and while some of them might believe I’m going to hell for that (and I can only feel sorry for them if they do), they have the courtesy of at least not telling me that to my face. Such behavior would be shameful and unmasonic.

I’ve done a bit of traveling, and I’ve noticed that Masonry is very different from one state to another, but I’ve never seen anything like you describe. That’s not to say I don’t believe you. I most certainly do. I can tell you that such behavior is not in any way the “standard for lodge behavior” in mainstream Masonry. I very much doubt such is the standard in Alabama. Are you judging all of Masonry by one lodge? (Or even one Grand lodge?)

Clandestine Masonry is that “which pretends to be Masonic but is without warrant, dispensation, or charter.” That seems to describe ugla quite nicely. To suggest that I look up the term clandstine strikes me as a tad sophistical. Any Mason worth his salt knows the Masonic meaning of the term, and if he was raised in a just and lawfully constituted lodge of Master Masons, he almost certainly obligated himself never to sit in such a lodge.

I think time shall efface ugla, and rightly so.

Notwithstanding, I wish you the best.


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