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identify 100 things that I like about myself
this is an ambitious goal

I’m not trying to seek pity by saying that this is going to be a difficult goal. 100 things are a lot, but I know it is necessary if I am ever going to break through my wall of insecurity to really concentrate on viewing myself positively. So here goes nothing.

1.) I love to analyze. I can turn over a situation about 50,000 times in my head and look at it from that many angles. I am more than willing to rehash out any topic of debate with anyone for countless hours.

2.) I am aggressive. I strongly stand behind my beliefs and those I love and won’t hesitate to defend them in any situation. Not to mention I’m a killer rugby player.

3.) I can sing. In fact, I love singing. I love music, especially acoustic singer/songwriters, and I pride myself in keeping away from talentless mainstream music marketed simply for its entertaining illicit content.

4.) I can write one heck of a letter. I recently hand wrote a full fifteen page letter to a former boyfriend spilling my guys about the distance between he and I over the past few years, just to communicate that I miss his friendship. I was completely uninhibited, completely vulnerable, and actually sent it. What’s to come of it is still up in the air, but my conscience is pretty clear at this point.

5.) I’m a passionate, all or nothing woman. I either put 110% of myself into something, or I don’t do it at all. Hence my hesitation to make commitments.

Well, there’s 5/100. I’m on my way.



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