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This Charming Man has been missing in action but is back, Jack!

try speed dating
Suprisingly Good!

I only went as a favour for a friend. Our other mate chickened out last minute and so I went along with him instead. I was only looking to have a laugh, which I did. I thought it would have been full or geeks or weirdos, but that wasn’t the case. Lots of teachers/accountants/lawyer types. Girls with a similar sense of having fun, socialising and meeting new people. We even went to a club after it with a load of them. Would definately do it again if it came around.
Went looking for new friends and found them.


newvanessa is finally feeling like herself


So you liked speed dating…

I have always thought that sounded fun…

The lady who runs it around here is a little odd and the most unorganized women on the planet…

Who knows when she will have another one..

Maybe I will try it.

This Charming Man has been missing in action but is back, Jack!

It was really good fun!
The key is though that you’re happy to be yourself, and not pretend you’re something your not.
Go do it.
It does wonders for confidence.
Plus I’ve got a couple of matches.


I’ve still got it!


newvanessa is finally feeling like herself


I already knew you still had it…

Your still young, lots of time to hea and to grow…think of us people across the pond who are old and aging fast….

I will give it a try I believe…at some point.

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