Stop comparing myself to other people
This is making me miserable and I need to stop...

I mostly compare my looks to those of others. Whenever I’m out and I see a really pretty girl, I’ll compare myself to her, and feel really bad about myself. Especially if she’s shorter, slimmer, etc. I’ll look at her and try to figure out ‘what’ makes her pretty, and I’ll try and recreate it on myself. Is it her hair? Clothes? Makeup?

I thought that I was getting over this, but the other day, I walked into a store, and a few (male) salespeople were standing around talking. They hardly acknowledged my existence, so I went on browsing. Five minutes later, a beautiful girl walks in, and suddenly they sprang to life and were tripping all over themselves to assist her. I calmly walked out, but I was nearly in tears. Things like that is the reason why I never think I’m good enough. I know it sounds awful, and I wish I didn’t have to feel this way.


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