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stop having panic attacks because they're all in my head
And end a lifetime of fear

I’ve had panic attacks ever since I was 14, when I had a cardiac arrest after an allergic reaction to some medication. Now, my heart skips beats sometimes, or beats faster, and I feel it, which launches me into a relapse, or flashback of my near death experience, and I think it’s happening all over again. This accelerates my pulse even more, til my chest hurts, I cannot breathe, I see stars, and I go deaf temporarily. I basically freak out, lose it, and sometimes have to go to the hospital. Being in social situations, at work especially, makes it worse, because you know that if it happens, you will be humiliated by the experience. So I’m on lots of xanax for it, which usually helps, but I still have frequent, severe attacks, even while watching TV at home. I guess it would help if I knew of others who suffered from the same thing, since I’ve never really met anyone who knows what it’s like. Because of it I have no social life, few friends, and avoid a lot of situations I would otherwise enjoy. I hope I can find a way to overcome it, outgrow it, cure it or whatever. Deal with it naturally. But because I have the physical experience to associate with it, it is worse, since it is not totally in my head—I did almost die once and just cannot get over that awful feeling.



I have one word for you – Homeopathy.
Please find a very good homeopath doctor and try this alternate medicine.
THese are just pills and they have no side effects and don’t do any harm.

I know people who have experienced this and I saw them change radically in stages and they were finally able to RELAX and calm themselves down, talk themselves out, and finally do the things they wanted to do.

Please try this and see the immediate results.

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you're not alone

I went through much of high school and some of college experiencing the same thing. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. I would monitor my pulse constantly, and panic every time I noticed a skipped beat. Eventually I guess I grew out of it, after everyone told me enough times that “18-year-old girls don’t drop dead of heart attacks.” Nobody bothered to tell me, though, that I was just having a panic attack, and that there might be something I could do about it.


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you're definitely not alone

This is something I’m suffering with right now.. I know how horrible it is to have a lack of social life because of it. I’ve changed so many habits to avoid certain situations. Ones where I start to worry “what if I have a panic attack right now?” .. then I start to feel like my throat is going to close, and my heart starts beating so rapidly. All because I had a panic attack at age 17.. here I am nearly 10 years later still dealing with it.

I went to a counselor just recently, and I was told to gradually put myself into situations where I have fear of having an attack – and tell myself “you haven’t had an attack in years, you can overcome it” type things. It’s so hard though, so I definitely feel your pain.

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Me too – although in the last few months I found some excellent reading on this and managed to squash the last one before it grabbed me by the throat. I was really proud of myself, and completely relieved. They’re awful things though – if you haven’t experienced one, you really can’t fully understand how soul shatteringly frightening.

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