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Work in journalism for a year (read all 5 entries…)
Coming to a close

Our replacements are here, so soon we will be departing, and my one year of full-time work in journalism (through the military) will be over. It’s certainly been a learning experience, and even though there have been a lot of headaches associated with it (probably more due to the military than the journalism itself), this has been worth it.


I know how you feel

I just became the editor of a military newspaper. I can’t wait to get out and see what it’s like on the outside. I feel your pain. :)

Are you “over there” or stateside or somewhere in between (Japan, Germany, etc.)?

Good luck with your publication!

I'm stateside

I’m stateside right now, cuz I was kinda over there (in England). It’s actually weird being in America again, but it’s all good. Thanks for the positive vibes. I needed them. Hhope you had a safe journey home. :)

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