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Stop caring what other people think of me (read all 4 entries…)
my thing is..

in alot of ways i really dont care what people think of me..i love being me..and i dont mind all my quirks and stuff..but at the same im always wondering what people think of me..i dont really know how to stop caring what other people think of me.


it's a process

I’ve learned to adjust my heart to who I care about vs who cares about me. It’s very hard as a woman to not consider what others think of you. Society bombards us with false ideals and it pollutes our hearts and minds.
I was tortured for years by my fear of peoples opinions of me.
But in time I found that if they were not a constant and positive factor in my life, their opinion was useless.
I am a beautiful, emotional, loving woman who is capable of anything. You are too.
I try everyday to teach my 5 yr old that she is perfect the way she is and no one’s opinion matters but her own.
Be strong.

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