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live without a television for a year
it kinda sucks

i felt very ‘out of the loop’ news-wise.. if you are good and get your news off of the internet or by newpaper then it can be feasible but otherwise i feel like it just puts me so out of touch with the world!


Out of whose loop

I understand you completely. I really do. BUT… the mainstream news media are not telling you the truth. You get snipits of what is happening in the world with a very biased POV. So which loop? Whose loop? Know that for every news story and report that is being transmitted to you, there are hundreds that are censored and depending where in the world you are, will never reach your ears. But there is yet another issue about the news. Dr Andrew Wild says that news reports are designed to create fear and high levels of anxiety causing stress which is a huge contributor to many health problems. I could go on, but let me just say that if you must watch regular TV, you had better have an attitude that there is no truth in it and just enjoy it as entertainment fiction.

I agree with sollang… I stopped watching the news years ago, all it was doing was upsetting me…


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