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Wal Mart Things

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Stop buying things from Wal-Mart
I saw a documentary on Walmart yesterday.

I believe it was called “Walmart. The High Cost of Doing Business.” I started looking around my apartment. Everything here is from Walmart or Sam’s Warehouse.
TV Console- Sam’s Warehouse
Computer Desk and Chair- Sam’s Warehouse
Floor Lamp- Sam’s
Desk Lamp- Walmart
File Cabinet- Sam’s
LCD Monitor- Walmart
UPS Battery- Sam’s
Plates and flatware- Walmart
Stapler- Walmart
Cable Modem- Walmart
Bulletin Board- Walmart
Waste basket- Walmart
VCR- Walmart
Clock- Walmart
Vaccume Cleaner- Walmart
Picture Frames- Walmart
Stool- Walmart
Digital Camera- Walmart
Office supplies and paper- mostly from Walmart

None of these things really cost that much. But when I think about how much “stuff” I buy at Walmart (including groceries) I start to understand how America sends $7 billion of our wealth overseas. Most of our trading partners aren’t even allies. One day we are going to wake up and Silkworm Missles will be more accurate than Tomahawk missles. China will have a nuclear carrier fleet parked 200 miles off our coast ready to bomb as far inland as Chicago. They will be using aircraft more advanced than our F-22’s and we will have only ourselves to blame.

There’s no greater zealot than the newly converted.



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