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khaosinkinema Productiveness!! :D

move into my dream flat when I leave home
move into my dream flat when I leave home - part 1

Oh, I just had to add this to my 43 things now, because it isn’t that far away :D. I don’t care about the actual number of square meters, BUT! I care a lot about the look and feel the flat would have … And I have so many things on my mind I would like to do with it, you can’t believe it!!

I mainly want to make my own furniture, as well as painting the walls, choosing the ideal floor, and working on anything that is possible (I cannot do EVERYTHING, though …). My favourite colours are turquoise, pink, red, purple, and black, of course :D, so I guess that the flat will be painted in all those colours in some way (checked patterns would be interesting … Or spirals and circles. Or stars :D!!) ...

As for the floor, I don’t know yet. Maybe something that would remind me of an old castle … Either middle-ages-like, or baroque. And I want coloured windows – like church windows. And lots of mirrors …

I’d love to have some paintings/photographs of artists like Salvador Dalí, Holly Warburton, H. R. Giger, M. C. Escher, Aubrey Beardsley, José Clemente Orozco, Pablo Picasso, ... Maybe prints of their works or something. Need to look for them on the net, but it seems rather hard to find a way how to get them. I also want to paint some pictures myself and then cut them into specific forms, and I want to make collages, too. And I’d love to have a portrait of Közi, too. And the selfish shellfish XDD.

My furniture? Here’s a list of ideas I have had so far, copied from my wonderful LJ :

”- A wardrobe in the form of a coffin, with roots. It should be closed with something reminding of an Asian wall (but with red plexiglas instead of paper).
- Shelves in the form of (a) star(s). :) I only need to figure out how to put something into them, lol XD.
- A baroque commode in turquoise, and a cute pink alarm clock :D.
- My wonderful bed, and that pink mosquito net I have seen at the Xenos.
- Plexiglas wall(s) : red or turquoise or purple or pink …
- That thing you put around your christmas tree (that chain with the lights … blah). For the walls.
- Candleholders for the walls :).
- Baroque chairs and a baroque sofa.
- A large mirror, baroque style :). And some more mirrors … Lots of them (loves mirrors) ... :D
- My wonderful chandelier, which I have already. (It just needs to be used (cough, cough))”

Yeah yeah. I was lazy, I know …


Jorjia ~ Satori~

very creative i love it

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