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Dear John

Nobody writes romance novel better than Nicholas Sparks. His descriptions of people falling in love are like no others. In this book, he chronicles the love affair of John Tyree, a Soldier on leave from the Army, and Savannah Curtis, a college girl who is building Habitat houses as a summer volunteer. While they are together during John’s leave from the Army their romance sizzles, but eventually time, distance, and world events (September 11th) make their relationship more difficult. This book is all about commitment, and learning to love in a selfless way. For those who are currently in a long distance romance, this novel may not be a good choice. However, for those who know unconditional love, there may not be a better choice.


it was a really good book!

Amber is feeling pretty good


Pete which one has been your favorite so far? I must say you are getting through books rather quickly.


Message in a Bottle


Without question, Message in a Bottle is my favorite!!

I have never read love letters like Garrett wrote to Catherine and Theresa. I love re-reading them.

If you have not read it yet, please get it real soon, and you will see why!

I really enjoy Nicholas Sparks writings, I intend to read all his works as soon as I am able.

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