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Quilnmous disappeared for awhile and hopes to return a stronger person.

make my computer work for me (read all 7 entries…)
Continuing my quest for free productivity websites

I’m so glad I found this “43 Things” website. Like most social networking sites, it is free. But it is the positive, goal-oriented philosophy of this site that keeps me active on it. And by being active, I am connecting with people, which is something I’ve needed in my life. So in that respect, it is fulfilling “productivity” in my life, although I can totally relate to all the people who are putting down goals such as “spend less time on the internet.”

To that end, it inspired me to look for more such sites that can help me get things accomplished. Ironically, it was a Sponsored Link from this site that led me to one such site, “Toodledo.” I have used it for a couple of days now.

It is a site that allows you to keep a To Do list of tasks online. But what I like about it is that you can tie the tasks to much larger goals. That’s one of the things I’ve always wanted in an personal organizer. I know I have larger projects or goals to work on, and I know I have steps of tasks to work on on any given day. But it has not been easy for me to connect the two ends of this spectrum. I tried a paper based system in a binder several years ago, and the dynamic nature of both goal planning and changes to daily schedules made a written paper system very cumbersome, and almost impossible to try to create a connecting bridge between these goals and daily tasks.

With an online (and sort-of-free to use, I’ll explain below) system such as the one I’m trying at Toodledo, it seems to work much better in accommodating changes to my day. Furthermore, it has a formula that takes the due date and how important you listed the goal, and calculates a priority sorted list for you! This is exactly what I need, because once I start writing a task down (or recording it online), I start to feel like they are all priorities. This site helps me sort things out, almost like a good friend talking to me about what I truly need to get done today. (NOTE: The site is not ACTUALLY that user-friendly. I just feel it in my bones.)

Anyway, both the task listing and the goal listing process are very simple, so I feel it is pretty easy to use. Others may find it more cumbersome than they want it to be. But since I’ve been looking for a way to connect these two almost separate personal processes, I’m very happy with how Toodledo’s site has kept it at a minimum, considering.

One caveat is that Toodledo has a basic level that is free and a pro level that has an annual fee. So far, the basic level seems to working just fine for me, and if so, then it falls under my criterion of being a free site. I hope I don’t find that features I really need are in the pro level.

Anyway, time will tell whether it is useful for me to continue on long term. I will continue to experiment with it. But this is also the kind of effort I’m exploring in order to make my computer work for me.

I also spent some time the past couple of days looking into other free websites for tracking my job search, but I will put the entry in the “obtain another job” goal.


great goal

I’m going to be watching and learning from you. Thanks!


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