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handoftheemu is throwing rocks at the tornado.

Find out a girl I want is taken without being angry about it (read all 4 entries…)
8/15 jealous

Saw some girl I thought was cute, and she was paying all her attention to some guy; got jealous, probably the most pathetic thing I’ve recently seen myself feel.

Clearly I have a long way to go.



So, how do you define feeling “jealous”? Do you literally feel like something of yours is being usurped, or are you just generally displeased because you sure wish you had the good stuff the other guy’s getting?

Maybe you just have a huge lack of love in your life, and that aching hole leaves you parched to fill it. Like a man dying of thirst in the desert, you desperately crave every drop of water you see, and hate anyone who would drink it before you.


I want to:
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