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Douglas Creative Expression

Start my own Restaurant. (read all 4 entries…)
I am making progress

I signed up for 7 cooking courses at my local cooperative. I am excited about it. Also plan to enroll in a similar course in Cannon Beach.


Trashcan Fashionista likes having something to look forward to at all times.


This sounds really fun! Do you know what you are going to make yet? Is there a theme to each class?

Douglas Creative Expression

Yes, there is a theme

to each class. One is on Thai cooking, another on Gluten-free, One is called “Date Night: Spice up your life” and is about cooking for a date. Another is about seafood and there is one about Nourishing Relationships. These are all 1-night classes. But there is also a 5-week class called “The Main Course” which is more general and helps you create a dinner from whatever you have on hand.
There is also a class on knife skills in the kitchen.
Unfortunately, only 2 of the classes will be hands-on. The rest are observational where we watch a chef prepare a particular dish or dishes. The 2 hands-on classes are the one on seafood and the knife skills.
The school in Cannon Beach has a Soux Chef for a day class where you work as a Soux chef for one entire day. I am planning to sign up for that for sometime in November.

Trashcan Fashionista likes having something to look forward to at all times.

You're lucky!

These classes sound like fun. It would be great if they were all hands-on, like you said but I’m sure they will still be informative and fun. I wish they offered classes like that near me :)

Let us know how they turn out! Especially the soux chef one in November!

Douglas Creative Expression

All the classes

I took in the fall were wonderful. The 5-week courses, there were 2 of them, were more enjoyable and informative than I ever expected. They fit well into my personal beliefs about food and cooking. The Soux-Chef for a day class I didn’t do during the fall because of a number of factors but I still plan to pursue it.

Trashcan Fashionista likes having something to look forward to at all times.


That’s great! I’m so glad that you responded again to this comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the classes. They are offering some near my house and I am thinking about taking one. :)

nouvelle jen today was a good day

Cannon Beach!

What a magical place! Are you taking cooking classes at the Evoo cooking place? Will you open your restaurant in Cannon Beach?

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