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grateful 08.19.08

1. field trip meeting at work (stoked!!) ...walked to caribou coffee for our weekly meeting. I think some people were put off by it ..but i loved it!!!!

2. trivia tonight! we did much better this time than the previous outing. previous outing was pitiful. but also kinda cool that some guy i hadn’t talked to in years, recognized me ..think he would have invited me their team but was waiting for someone.

3. gave WL his bday gift tonight. he was really pleased with it. said it was the best gift he has received in the past 3 years. if there is one thing i can say about me “I give good gifts.” it also makes me wonder about our relationship ..not sure where it is going …

4. think my vball club will host a pretty major tournament next spring. next week get to meet with some pretty impressive people downtown. :)

5. RF, RJ, AA, & WL …friends who have each brought something to my life.


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