Buster Benson I need more goals.

keep track of my morale in relation to how much I sleep, drink, and eat (read all 2 entries…)
Got the graph back up.

It looks something like that, and the full explanation on how it works is here. It’ll be updated daily over on my blog.

A while ago, I got tempted into tracking too many things, and was trying to build a scientific body of evidence in order to help me find what leads to happiness based on my behaviors. Unfortunately, all of that made the barrier to actually keeping track of this stuff too high, and I gave up. So now I simplified it back down, and made a pretty graph, and am again excited about it. What will I learn? Probably nothing. At the very least it is a good reminder to myself that I drink way too much. But that may change soon with my Back To Health program. We’ll see, I guess.



Wow. I’m impressed both with the Moodstats mod and the use of Gruff!

A goal is also to get Gruff to work better at small sizes like this.

Buster Benson I need more goals.

I tried 400 pixels...

and you’re right, some of the fonts sort of got a little wacky (to use the technical phrase). But I actually wanted it at 500px anyway, so this is perfect. Another thing I played around with… I’d like the yellow “morale” line to be on top of all the other lines, and for the label to be on the left… but at the moment it looks like I have to choose one or the other. These aren’t feature requests, just feedback for you to consider just in case other people mention similar things…

And also

I also noticed that morale went up as sleep went down and as more alcohol was consumed.

I’ll take that to heart.

Buster Benson I need more goals.

Yes, please do. Even back when I had been doing this for months, the average of my morale was more often than not indirectly proportional to the amount of sleep I got and directly proportional to the amount I drank. :)


Morale-o-meter! Oh, how I’ve missed you! Suddenly, your page hits from IP will jump by 457% for November. My life is complete.

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