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Attitude does make a difference........

Let’s talk about attitude. and about challenges. But let’s do that through a little story. with a moral.

Last week at work I had just finished stuffing some envelopes and they were ready to be stamped out and mailed. However it was Friday and we wouldn’t be able to mail them until Monday. I asked my boss if I should stamp them, and she said sure, if I could figure out how to. I went over to the postage meter and figured out how to change the date within a minute, and proceeded to stamp all the letters. Some of my co-workers saw me and were floored that I knew how to do it. They said that they hadn’t even tried because they hadn’t thought it was possible. But I had only tried because I had thought it was possible.

Your mission: Make note of your own attitude – now try approaching a challenge with a new mindset.



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