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As was said in the previous post (which I read, but didn’t reply to) I don’t like to intrude on someone else’s comments when there are already been a lot of replies.

Other times, I will type up a comment and after re-reading it (to check for typos) I change my mind and just move on to a new page… probably leave a cheer, if I have any left.

I used to be content just leaving cheers, but hopefully over the next little while I start to leave some comments too.


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Ya, I know exactly what you mean.

Oh the other hand, I like it when someone leaves me a comment, ‘cause it reminds me about the goal. I had put this thing way down in my list, and almost out of thought, but it’s nice to get a little e-mail reminder once and a while.


(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

Hey speaking of adding a comment, I noticed you cheer my kd thing but not leave a comment! Dude, I know you are Canadian, so I’m sure you have some insight into the situation! : ) Oh my god, have I just become an online stocker?

Anyhoo, I was just joking (Yeah, thats it) I noticed that you want to add comments but erase them (which I do ALL the time, and should do now) So I just want to motivate you to comment! ; )
Really I swear, I’m not stocking you….you’re regretting cheering me now aren’t you!? Boo!


lol… I cheered then starting working on it… I had to consult my recipe books… :-)

I saw that one and knew I had to add something.

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(I just did that… lol) Sometimes I can go on a real tangent though, especially if I’m tired… you never know when things will be welcomed or thoroughly unappreciated. Not that I drag out the old soapbox… not usually…

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