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Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

Do a cat spell

I did a cat spell to where I turn into a cat—it was so much fun! I had my best friend helping me just in case I couldn’t reverse it. But being a cat was really weird! I could barley walk on my legs and my nose felt really strange. Then when I tried to speak all I could say was meow. Sometimes when I said “Change me back” I actually said “Mew me Mrow” but it all worked out and I’m human again.


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mermiadwannabe has 7 more days till tail!


How did you do that? You could make me a mermaid When I touch water!

wow…thats amazing! how did you do that, please send me it i have a cat and would like to no what its like? please reply at sweetsweetsugarpie@live.co.uk thanks i cant wait it will me fun!!=]

SceneGeek thanks everyone who comments and cheers me it really helps :)

wow that is amzing can you let me in on the secret?



Has she told you yet?

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Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

Sure anything for a begger just kidding. Anything for a person with a wish!

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Could u plz tell me

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Cat spell

You said you did a cat spell which worked please could you tell me how and when to do it? I have always wanted to know what it would be like to be a cat. Send me a message with it on

(This comment was deleted.)

Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

Here is what i look like but I have MUCH longer hair now.

Let’s see….I’ll have to wait for a full moon for any spells for ppl who I only know they’re faces. As for a wand that grants 300 wishes, that is a Corvaila Wand. If u say 300 spells your wish will come true. It won’t grant 300 wishes it grants one wish, but u must say 300 spells with it.

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Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

Yes yes and yes.
1. Wing spell: Unforutnatly, you can grow wings but u can’t fly with them. Or make them disappear. Human bodies are too heavy to fly. But witches are almost weightless so they can fly on brooms. To become a witch, go to www.real-wishes.com

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Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

Hmm…there is a way. First, light a red and white candle. Then, take a blessed red pen and rite ur name and the word witch. Burn it and put the ashes in a bottle. Wait a week. You will be a witch. Finding brooms on the other hand…..idk. Try Ebay. Plus, i’m so glad to have met a boy who is interested in witchcraft. :D

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Trevorrox Couldn't wish for a better child

Hi I’m Trevor, watermoon’s boyfriend. I’m speaking for her now cuz she went to get some coffe on campus. Sacred Heart Witch Academy is a witch school on another demension. There isn’t a homepage i think cuz I don’t have a computer, I’m using watermoons…and sadly no there isn’t a spell to become a witch. U either gotta do the spell above or be born one. Watermoon sends her dear apologiez.

(This comment was deleted.)

Mermaid_equals_yay REALLY wants to be a mermaid

ok i found this cat spell on youtube where where you get some warm milk and cat hair you put the cat hair in the milk lap it up… something like that i forget most of it… but is that the spell you did? if so, do you just have to say “make me a human” or something and then suddenly ur human? cuz i wanna know for sure b4 i get stuck as a cat lol :D


Hey! I did that spell. But i dont know if its working. Is it supost to work instantly?
PLEASE! e-mail me that spell where you turned yourself into a cat! My mom and dad want to get rid of all three of my cats. Mom already has a place for them on a farm.
She is waiting for a text back from the lady to exept the offer. PLEASE! i DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! If i don’t do anything about it they’ll be gone forever :*( ???!!!!

Mermaid_equals_yay REALLY wants to be a mermaid

oh and where can i find a red and white candle and a blessed red pen lol :D

Mermaid_equals_yay REALLY wants to be a mermaid

hurry and answer im getting impatient i’ve been waiting for days to do the spell ):

Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

OMG NO! That cat spell on utube doesn’t work! I saw it! It doesn’t work! Don’t DO IT!To make a blessed red pen u have to rite ur wish on rose paper. To make rose paper u must dip a normal paper in rose water. To make rose water u must put a rose in a sealed case of water for 3 months. Look in the store for a candle.

April here, there, everywhere.

Then is there any spells on how to turn into a cat since the one on youtube doesn’t work? T_T I really wanna be a cat… D:

Cat. .

Hi. . may i have this spell…? please…? i really love cats. . i would be so happy if i could be one for a short while. . .

Just in case email is needed:Thefirstsakura@yahoo.com

Hey watermoon!
Hey there a spell for me to grow cat ears and a tail or become a neko same thing I think but if u do have a spell plzzz respond to this!

(This comment was deleted.)

yeah ^_^

hey yeah can someone tell me the spell to how u become a cat cause i told my twin about it and she was like really wow
and im gunna try the real wishes site!!!

(This comment was deleted.)

Watermoon Haven't been on in years because of COLLEGE...

why not just tell you NOW? lmao

Anyway, there’s a really good site called http://spellsandmagic.com/spells.html

Its got a ton of good spells.

radranuar im in Bishopshalt now so waaaa

 wishes wishes


can u send me the spell u used to become a cat plz ill be very thankful
my e-mail:wendy-wendy00@hotmail.com

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