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locate the holy grail and hold it for ransom from the Catholic Church (read all 6 entries…)
After a good night's sleep, I come to find this:

We’re number 3!

This means that technically, we were successful in our goal. For the people who were not aware of what was going on, this goal was a part of this goal. As there is debate (even amongst some of our members [gasp]) if this goal can ever be accomplished, you are welcome to mark it as ‘done’ just for helping us get it into the zeigeist.

Otherwise, keep on looking!

(Oh, a suggestion: perhaps we could hold it ransom, with the promise to give it back if all the cardinals of the Vatican eat strawberries and cream off each others’ chests?)

EDIT: Personally, I’ll be staying on to see how high we get before we leave the zeigeist. I wish everyone a good flight.


(This comment was deleted.)


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