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give up alcohol (read all 3 entries…)

heres the thing, i wrote my last post ages ago i didnt quit then. i was seventeen at the time and was on a come down of ectasy and was also really hungover im nineteen now. i was a complete wreck back then, my drinking only got worse i drank every single night after work going threw a bottle of vodka nightly, i was partly a secret drinker.my friends knew how bad i was but yet they didnt. i would drink with them on occasion but i became withdrawn and all i wanted to do was drink on my own. i moved out of home, and moved into a party house, my drinking got even worse i had 2 leave my job because of it.all i wanted to do was drink so i did, i drank all day nd night. i was a complete mess i was also self harming brutaly. i finally decided 2 get sober so i moved home nd havent touched a drop in almost three months.But im thinking about drink is it possible 2 just become a rare drinker. Im going on hols with my mates nd im worried about drinking i want 2 drink there, but im scared ill become the way i was
ne advice


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thanks 4 ur advice, means alot. im sure it will all work out

nooo dont drink

i dont think you should drink at all, as once an addict always an addict. I am not an alcohol addict, but what i do recognise is i have an addictive personality. i used to smoke but gave up 10y ago. And I feel so much healthier. I have also decided to give up drinking. I dont actually like the feeling it gives me of dizziness, and I get that from just 2 drinks and a hangover. so i am not going to drink again.
instead i am going to become healthier. fitter and get more intune with my body . i would rather be addicted to physical exercise that drinking such toxic crap.
When on holidays, go water skiing or something, now that i am proud to be addicted to. what a rush that gives you.

I agree

I agree, don’t drink. It’s not worth it. Ask yourself “what makes it so important?” Be honest with yourself and be strong. You can do it!


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