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trekster needs to put herself first.

live without TV for a week
it sounds a lot harder than it is.

going cold turkey did suck, but about…wow, almost a year ago, i moved and just decided that my tv service would NOT be moving with me. For a couple weeks I went crazy, going to family and friends houses just to catch some TV, but nowadays I watch TV only when at someone’s house with them, and that’s about – oh, 2 to 4 hours a week total. I know it’s not quite “live without TV for a week”, but the fact I have done that multiple times so far and have gone sometimes a month or more without sitting in front of the tube means this counts!

Just make the decision – or, if it’s that hard, scale it down. Do basic instead of extended or whatever. Then, once you’re at very-basic-basic for a few months, and you’ve adjusted to not having all the excess channels, cancel it completely. You’ll find that all the series you really like and miss you can find online news for and you’ll spend more time reading, playing with family, writing, and loads of other things.



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