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Speak French fluently
On track...a few tips on learning French

I only really started learning 2 years ago and I can pretty much hold my own in a conversation but I need a break if I speak for long periods…I can understand most of what people say but I kind of go ‘gaga’ after a while…I am just not used to speaking for more than a few minutes so I am trying to watch all my French films without the subtitles to get my brain ‘frenched up’...

My 5 tips for rapid progress.
1. Watch LOTS of French films or any film with French audio (only French subtitles)
2. Always carry a French book to read (start with kiddies’ like ‘Le Petit Nicolas’ and jump to novels (Patrick Besson, Amèlie Nothomb), skip the adolescent’s- unless you are a masochist, they are difficult!) and a small notebook for new words and phrases- and read as much as possible, this will build your vocabulary faster than any neuro-whatsit doo dah.
3. Practice with a patient and encouraging native for at least an hour per week (try to avoid ‘I am French, therefore a ‘teacher’ already and have the right to be a ‘language nazi’ types- )
4. Have a good French-only method book with audio examples (I used ‘Forum’) and play those CDs til you know ‘em backwards
5. Dedicate seperate time to perfecting the French ‘R’ and all those ‘difficult’ vowels sounds and be merciless on getting your pronunciation ‘right’- make sure you internalise the sound first.

French is easy if you approach it in the right way, good luck!


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