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Last night was my second day at capoeira

I remember going to that same capoeira school a few years back and feeling terrible at not having the body to do capoeira. I returned to the same place and actually started to do the class. I found it really hard last night to do the exercises. I left the class early and couldnt even speak because I really hit a low that felt like kissing soil. I questioned why my body was so out of orbit, so out of shape and I had a nervous breakdown. I cried and really felt sad about the whole thing.

I do feel better somehow because I guess it took such an ugly feeling to let me know that I really want to change my life for the better.

It was a tough night for me. I move forward slowly but I keep it liquid and flowing.

Peace and Love


I felt exactly the same way,but at the first class and I had my tall,flexible friend with me who had no problem with the exercises and I felt so bad and I left and cried my eyes out too.

But knowing that I am just going have to try twice as hard to get as good I want just makes me want to do it twice as badly.

Best of luck.

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