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mellfire is clearing out the clutter, both literally and figuratively.

Cook proper three course meals from scratch more often
I used to love to cook....

I’d plan elaborate three and more course meals, and spend literally days gathering the ingredients and preparing. Everything was from scratch and fresh, no packets or processed stuff, no cheating lol.

I took some chef training at one point because I loved cooking so much that I thought I might like to do it for a living…. but the training put me right off, and I haven’t felt the same about cooking since. It was a combination of spending all day everyday in a sweltering kitchen working really hard, and being behind the scenes and seeing some of the crimes against food that are carried out in the catering industry.

Needless to say I didn’t go on for further training :P I really want to rediscover my love for cooking, and everytime I make something nice from scratch I remember how much I used to love it and promise myself I’ll do it more often…



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