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H20rikkifan000 doing homework :[

become a mermaid and how do i do this (read all 3 entries…)
i think i'm turning into a mermaid!!

i think i’m turning into a mermaid! i used a spell last night and i already have side effects! like i’m almost allways dehidrated! And i can’t stop drinking water! my feet and legs are always crossed! i’m drinking water right now and this is my 3rd glass of water and it’s only 10:00 am!!!! you can win the spell! just comment and tell me why u want to be a mermaid! and you only become a mermaid when you touch water! bye!


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H20rikkifan000 doing homework :[

u won!!!

you gave the best answer so you get the spell. ok here is how it goes. it has to be a full moon ill give u the dates :] since there are no full moons in septemper [ there all over] :[ so u have to wait till october. full moons in october are 13,14,15,16 only. do you have a pool? hot tub? if not just use a glass of water. ok on the first full moon watch how the moon is thru the night, when its over your pool or hot tub. on the second night go out at the time u recored on the 1 night. all you have to do is touch the water and say this spell

“Spirts of the past
gods of the sea
make me what
i wish to be a mermaid
An -- [color tail] is what i seek
as soon as i get a drop of water on me
when im dry let my feet return to me”

beware of the full moon !! and dont look at it after. dont tell anyone of this spell it is a private spell. if the full moon is not over the water it will not work!!

and again congrats!!
if it doesnt work soo sorry it worked 4 me
no salt :]

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H20rikkifan000 doing homework :[

a few days

it takes about 5-10 days! the older u are the longer it takes

if you are…..

0-7 it takes about 7 days

8-12 it takes about 10 days

13-17 it takes about 15 days

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

can u breathe underwater

Roxettna does not want 2 be a mermaid nomore and is proud the way God made her!


i´ve been trying to tell you that i really needed a spell.But why didn´t you email it to waterlife1011? i was searching for a spell right now and i found your spell! i´m so sorry i didn´t mean to be soooo snoopy i just needed a really good spell my sister and i were really sad to see h20just addwater that they´re mermaids with false tails but look real:i really need this spell. you mind if i use it?????
i´m so sorry this was a humongus accident i didn´t mean to i hope your not angry i swear i won´t tell anyone about this spell so sorry my bad

H20rikkifan000 doing homework :[

its not ur fault

i know.. it was stupid of me but my e-mail is broken so… i had no choice u can use the spell if u want :]

Roxettna does not want 2 be a mermaid nomore and is proud the way God made her!


hi h20rikkifan000,

can i see photos of you turning into a mermaid on your bed??? not in the water, because you kinda look like one of the h20 mermaids just can you take a photo or a video on of you turning into a mermaid?
because my sister kinda dosen´t believe you
and i want to prove it to her

please answer me!!!!!!

Roxettna does not want 2 be a mermaid nomore and is proud the way God made her!

i´m sorry

i´m sorry but if you´re a real mermaid, why don´t you take pic of you´re self splashed with water like a mermaid and make a video of yourself splashing in water…not that i don´t believe you, i just want some proof




(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

plz work

H2Orikkifan000 what if you dont have a full moon and you really want to be a mermaid, is there some possibility that i can do it without the full moon, plz, i really want to be a mermaid.

thank you sooo much

im gunna try this but if it doesnt work then i will keep trying, thx for being such a good friend, i really hope this will work.

thank you bye

(This comment was deleted.)


ever since i was a little girl i wished to be 1 and in the last 6 months ive been trying to be 1 so badly and if im not a mermaid im nothing

IWishIWasaMermaid has said a didnt work :( :(

Hi! ^_^ I Trust You, You Can Trust Me ^_^


I Would Like To Be A Mermaid Because:

1.It Is My Childhood Dream!!
2.I Now Live Next to a Beach So i Can Go Swimming!
3.I Love Mermaids And Always Wanted to Be One and Ive Been Looking up 100 Sites To Try and find a Spell That Works and Ive Been Searching and OMG Ive been Stressing BAAAAAAAAADDDDDD!
4.I Can Finally Swim with The dolphins!
5.I Dream about Me and My Mates Being Mermaids and having powers and having really good times!!!!
6.I Would Die For a Spell!
8.I Think it would be Cool Having a Tail!
9.I Have Like Over a 10000000000000000 Reasons i wanna be a mermaid!

I Wouldnt Tell a Living Soul or Ghost or Person or Whatever the Spell!

I Think its Really Nice of You to do this To Give People a Chance.
I Trust You, You Can Trust Me! I’d Love to Live My Forever Life Dream Best Wishes

I Belive in Magic Pic Me and I Will Forever Remember You, The Girl who Made my Childhood Dream Come True!

My Email:

Please You can Trust Me.

Please Let me Have a Spell That Works!


Why cant you share it?

-100,0000,00000 % Mermaid Lover

PS. The Pic Above Shows You can Trust Me!

memaidfan is like soo bored well is bored

so has it worked yet

title says it all

kelly94 going to follow my heart to wherever it takes me!

Why I want and deserve this spell.

Dear H2Orikkifan000,
Please give me the spell, please. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid ever since I saw the little mermaid. And that was like 12 years ago. I remember I used to pretend to swim like a mermaid when I was little.I’m a very trustworthy person and I would love to become a mermaid.It’s my dream. I’m also smart so I wouldn’t expose us.Please give the spell to me.I live in Florida so I would be able to swim all the time and I know what I’m giving up; swimming with friends and family, putting your feet in the wet sand and feeling how squishy it is, playing in the rain, and playing water games like a slip n’ slide also no water rides or water parks( and I love water parks cause I live in Florida there’s a million of them so I’m giving up a lot). I’d be willing to give it all up to become a mermaid. I’m asking you nicely to please give me the spell. Also a couple other people are trustworthy and maybe you might consider giving the spell to 2 or 3 people I won’t give the spell out to anyone unless you say it’s okay. Please give the spell to me. If I win, I hope I will, you can send the spell to me at I’m waiting on your e-mail. And also if I don’t win can you send me an email so I’m not waiting years from now to see if I won just say I didn’t win or something.

KASEY4707 hoping to pshift into a wolf

i need to be one because

if u give me the spelli can save the water animals easier i care about them so so much if u give the spell to me i will save them plz think of all the poor critters in need of my help you can save them by giving me the spell!help the world give me the spell i will show i care. plz plz animals are at risk!!!give me the spell

waterguardian guards the ocean with her life

hello again im sorry if i sound like im begging i dont mean to beg

hi again. i put the reasons y under another one of ur entries. and im sorry but im not a mermaid. i need this for me, my family, and my life literally. my life stinks and this is the only thing that makes me happy. my family is very poor and we barely get enough money to pay the bills and sometimes we starve cuz we dont have money to buy food. i can get food by lying to my mom telling her im going to my friend house and really go to the ocean and catch fish. its the only way to eat and i hate killing things. but theres nothing else to eat…

waterguardian guards the ocean with her life


the whales and some dolphins are becoming extinct and i can help them get better food and help clean the ocean. if the spell comes with powers ill be able to provide fresh water for animals and my family and ive been wanting to become a mermaid for 9 years. ever since i could speak thats wat my mom and aunt told me. i dont remember that far back plus i have tons of other spells for other things i can share with you!!!

waterguardian guards the ocean with her life

you can find me..

you can find me from the goal become a mermaid or send me a message through here

aelita71 is trying to be a merman

Dear H2Orikkifan000: heres why i want to be a mermaid

im a boy and i hope it works on boys

so i really wnat to be a mermaid and that i love the show H2O and i wnat to be a mermaid like them

so i really want the spell and heres why:

i really wnated to be a mermaid since i was 7 years old

i want to see my tail while im swimming in water

it would be cool!!! if i had water powers

i would do anything if the spell works like kiss the ground that the person with the spell that works walk on

i would so die if it works

i would be like living my dream if it works

and i wouldn’t tell anyone the spell i swear to my life i swear to my family

and of course i will do anything life threating to keep the secret of my tail if the spell works

and i trust you and you can trust me i believe you that pic i know is so real

so please give me the spell!!!!!!!

i told you why


give me the spell

i will do anything please!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you decide to give me the spell email this email address

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(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

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