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Get fit, finally and forever (read all 2 entries…)

Today I am two weeks in recovery from a myomectomy operation; they removed 31 fibroids. 31 little bu&&ers who have been sapping the energy from me for the last 15 years! I won’t miss ‘em.

Now I have the opportunity to rebuild myself from scratch, like the bionic woman. To rebuild myself to a new level of strength and fitness to ensure that:

1. My body is no longer a fibroid hothouse. I recognise that the surgery treated the symptom and not the cause, and they WILL grow back unless I change my ‘internal environment’.

2. Because health is everything, and as I move inexorably towards middle age, I only have so much time to reverse damage done and prevent worse. I know how and I am a believer!

3. That I can go forward in life with less inhibition than has blighted my enjoyment for the last 20 years (since I got fat!) How many tropical holidays am I going to talk myself out of? Enough. I need beach and I need it now.

So; how do I want to do this:

Need to rebuild core/abdominal strength, so, as soon as doc says ok:



Tai Chi (for stress management)

Some kind of dance (for expression, fun)

Gentle, strength building. Need to do something aerobics but pounding treadmill not appealing at the moment. Will think on that. Will start with some gentle walking after about 4 weeks post-surg.

Need to turn these into specific goals, but am happy to have made half a plan today.


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