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usctrojanmd BEC: passed REG: passed AUD: passed FAR: 10/31 81

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Becker Software

My software expires at the end of the month. Does anyone know if it’s possible and how to make the software work past the expiration period? Does anyone know if the Wiley practice questions are worth buying as an alternative? I know the 2007 materials are pretty much the same as 2008 materials so I am not interested in paying $250 for tutition free continuing help with Becker. The practice questions and simulations from Wiley are $79 on Amazon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


call becker and ask for an extension, they will extend it if you have an exam schedule soon. good luck

if you decide to go with Wiley, I found a 15% discount code. I purchased just last week, so it should still work! i saw it on another71.com… scroll to the Aug. 7th posting and you can find it there.

about making the software working past the expiration date… most likely not possible. i did read somewhere on the net, someone said if you know the date you first installed the software, set the date on your computer to that date and it will trick the becker software. not sure if it actually works b/c i never tried it.

good luck!

Susonis Finally done!!!!!!!!!

When I had the software, I called to get an extension and they ended up giving me another year with the software at no cost to me. They walked me through how to extend it via phone and when we got to the screen to override the expiration, he told me not to check and box and I did and because of that I had it for another 12 months. Good luck – just call them and tell them your exam is in a few days, so you don’t want to reregister for the course (otherwise, you can pay $90 or something to extend it).

dpn123 passed BEC & AUD, bombed FAR yesterday


You can download becker on up to three computers. Everytime you download the software you get it for 8 months from the date of download. So as long as you donwload it before your expiration date you can get another 8 months out of it. I have done this three times on three computers and have been using my software since April of 2007.
So for example, if your software expires next month and you only have it one or two computers you still have time to download it to another computer (like a work computer or laptop). If you download it today, after the download, look at the properties and you will see an expiration date of 8 months from now, or May 2009)


Thanks…but how do you check the properties on becker ??


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