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What is Important

I keep coming back to this; What is important? because I feel what is important to me, has no meaning in the lives of those around me or those who are close to me. It is not the big things like family, health, living; but the little things that get us to those major things. It seems the way I get there has no meaning or value to anyone.

Is my perspective that messed up? Maybe my patience is just wearing thin these days.



I know the feeling...

With me, sometimes it’s just a down day that goes away on its own…

Sometimes it’s more persistent… If I get stuck in it for too long, the universe usually sends me someone who needs my help & somehow the act of helping helps me feels connected again…

What ever it is with you, I hope it ends soon…

Bob1623 Be the Fountain, not the Drain.

Thanks for you insight Goddess

I will snap out of this and maybe helping someone is the answer. I’ll look for those opportunities.

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knowing what is important

is really the little things in every day that make up the big things.

For me the little things, like 43T, my budget spreadsheets, Law and Order, having soup with my daughter, saying high to my office neighbor. When you look at them they are all a part of the bigger picture.

Bob1623 Be the Fountain, not the Drain.

I wrote this

some time ago. I’m not sure things are a lot better.
I never did say what was important here. Little things? Yes! Also the simple things.

To me, it simply is “to belong”.

lovingmex43 is focused for 2013

oh that is a big one

to belong to a community, a family, a company, a person. You are right.

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