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DanT1999 is happily asserting imperfection

finish my professional exams (read all 5 entries…)
Giving it another try...

I’m going to be taking Exam 9 of the Casualty Actuarial Society on October 30th. It’s a 4 hour exam consisting of approximately 40 written answer questions on advanced actuarial topics, and it’s one of the last two exams I need to get my fellowship. It’s not my first time taking this exam, either. When I took it last fall, I failed it with a score of 4 (the passing score is 6). I just didn’t spend enough time studying last time. Last year I had just transitioned into a new job with a heavier workload, and I wasn’t very efficient at managing my time. This time is a little different. I still have the heavy workload, but I’m better at managing my time. Also, since I’ve taken this exam before, I remember the material so when I review it I’m not going through the process of learning it for the first time. I pick up on things pretty quickly that I didn’t quite get the last time. It’s weird how having some separation from the material for several months has given me some freshness in thought as I revisit it.

I’m going to practice by taking the past 3 exams (i.e. the 2005, 2006 and 2007 exams) under test-like conditions over the last three Saturdays of October (i.e October 11th, 18th and 25th). By test-like conditions, I mean 4 hours straight without referring to any notes. This helps in two ways: 1) It gets me used to answering questions under the time constraint, and 2) it helps me to identify areas of weakness on which to focus during during my study in the subsequent week. It’s true that I’ve seen these exams before and that the questions aren’t new to me, but they are of a level of complexity that I probably won’t remember them and regardless I won’t be able to answer them unless I know the material well.

I think I have a better shot at passing this time, and I’m more motivated to finally get these out of the way…


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jane keeps on trucking


Did you survive it?

Hope you’re feeling deservedly relaxed and proud of yourself for getting through it :)

DanT1999 is happily asserting imperfection

I survived it...

Whether I passed or not is another story… It could go either way… but yes, I’m glad and relieved it’s over, and I do feel relaxed and my mind is all mush right now… I use ellipses way too much, don’t I? Anyway, I won’t get the result till the week before Christmas, and I’m not going to think much about it till then…

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