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stop masturbating (read all 80 entries…)
three weeks later..

Well, I’m back, I didn’t give up this time, I left after I failed miserably three days into September. After that I fell back for several days and then went 6 days without until I messed up last Sunday morning, so here I am, I’ve changed many things in my life to be able to do this, most notably, getting right with God again. He has given me the strength that I’ve needed to do this for so long and I am truly happy that I am so close to the first tier of my goal. I also notice there are a lot of new people on the board. Keep at it everyone and God bless!


lainey80 is writing o/ws, and trying to be alive.

I started several years ago. Someone mentioned to me what NOT to do, .. so I started doing it. now I’m obsessed with it.
I’m glad you’re on the right path; keep it up!

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