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dinabeth In love with a very special person

Work in my garden daily to grow fruit and veges, herbs and ornamental flowers and trees (read all 38 entries…)
In the last month ......

I’ve been going through my old pot plants and finally putting some of my plants for the garden out. Some carnations – that really should have died while I was overseas, some lupins and a couple of alyssums that have come up from seed; I’ve repotted a few tree seedlings till I’m ready to put them in the ground; I’ve also been transplanting seedlings from one section of the garden to another – mostly lettuces, though I have a lot of red onion seedlings that need to be transferred too, and some sweet peas coming up in the front garden needed to be moved.

I’ve been watering where needed, around the tree garden, the citrus trees and keeping water up to the new seedlings in the vege patch. All is looking good so far. My son has helped by spending time watering the stone fruit trees. One day I’ll look into having a sprinkler system put in (though with water being limited as it is, no town water, at least hand watering allows me to keep tabs on what’s being used and how much on what).



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