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keepin busy

I am past the one week mark now, this has made me so happy, it has taken me !5 MONTHS! to be able to gain the strength to go seven days without masturbation, from what you guys have posted though it seems that it just gets easier and for me I think it will. I’ve so rearranged my schedule around my school life that I have time for little else. I’m getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 9:30, doing nothing on the computer except facebookin’, and have all honors classes so my life is definitely full. And if that isn’t enough I’m going to start taking bass lessons in the next few weeks.(I’ll be rockin Mettalica in my garage in no time =)!) The Lord has really blessed me since I recommitted my life to him at a school revival several weeks ago and really started to try and live for Him. I hope things are as good for you guys as they have been for me. God bless!


iamboomers4life we'll never be as young as we are tonight.

WooT! Metallica is awesome!! Good luck with One though, you’ll need it to learn that crazy solo. :P

Awesome job on that week! Now keep going! Remember, YOU don’t want to do it, you sexuality does!


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