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improve our financial situation (read all 8 entries…)
Big Expenses Coming Up

Walter and I both went to the dentist for our regular cleanings and x-rays last Monday. By the time we left we were looking at thousands of dollars in expenses coming up between scaling and root planing for both of us, maintenance on those, 2 crowns for me (that I already knew about), new fancy toothbrushes to prevent further gum troubles, and a mouthguard for me to prevent fractures in my teeth from actually breaking. None of this is going to fit in our existing budget.

One of my first tasks will be to do a cost/benefit analysis on whether we should add Walter to my dental insurance in January. The premiums are pricey and in the first year they only cover 70%. My employer covers my dental insurance thankfully, and we’ve never added Walter before because he hasn’t needed much beyond cleanings and a small cavity now and then. The insurance was always more expensive than the work he needed. But maybe we are at an age that we will just have to spend more in this area. Now for where to get the money…


tikini wikini a fond farewell to 43Things

there's a rule

It goes, your mouth is eventually going to by costly.

I’ve had whole years where I never used my dental insurance – cause I skipped the dentist.

Now, I am a big fan of dental floss. That’s all I can say.

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I suppose you are right!

I’ve been pretty faithful with the cleanings and the dental floss, but “the rule” caught up with me anyway. :)

I'm a fan of floss as well..

one of my “motherly” sayings while the kids were growing up was “you don’t have to floss ALL of your teeth… just the ones you want to keep”

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I love that!

And it’s so true too.

ToddieM Those who can take all life throws at them with a kind heart and smile

With regard to those mouthpieces

I wear one.
My dentist attempted to get me to buy one there.
And, yes, I too had spent hundreds of dollars on dental care already.
You can get the form-fitting one at any drug store for about 20 bucks.
I’m very happy with mine.

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You have been all kinds of helpful to me this week. Thank you! My dentist was going to charge me $200, but if I can find something that works for around $20 I’m more than happy to try that first.

This will also be helpful info for my sister who needs one too but would have to go without if she had to pay $200.

These flowers caught my eye today and I had to take their picture. I thought I would share them with you as a thank you.

ToddieM Those who can take all life throws at them with a kind heart and smile

Virtual Flowers are Vastly Superior

Very nice.
If they weren’t virtual, I’m sure I’d kill them as a green thumb I ain’t.
Just remember to wear it every night. My accountability partner is asking me every day if I wore it the night previous.

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Got it...

Speaking of “wearing it every night” I must admit I was a little annoyed when I first found out I would have to wear a mouth guard.

Because of my dry eye issue I wear this sleep mask to keep moisture from evaporating from my eyes. And I’m getting ready to hook up a humidifier next to the bed because that’s not enough.

So now I have this sock (which I love by the way!). And then the dentist says mouthguard. This is not a pretty picture in my head!

My mother is 83 years old and she doesn’t have to sleep with any “appliances.”

But I’ve since gotten over it and I realize that all these things will ultimately help me stay healthier so I should get over myself and just laugh at the image it brings to mind.

And if you can wear a mouthguard every night, so can I (as soon as I find one).

Bee Sage obsessed with learning


I have to get the expensive ones so that they’re hard enough. I’d practically eat a drugstore one in a week.

I keep mine right next to the toothpaste so it’s easier to remember at night.

Just don’t accidentally forget to take it out in the morning!! (I did this once…even brushed it along with my teeth…didn’t notice until I tried to eat lunch!!!!)

Good luck with it!! Oh! and check out the sporting goods department…sometimes they have five dollar ones there at the beginning of sports seasons!

Carm find me at

Thank you Bee

How did you know I was going to ask for your input on this? I was reading some of the entries and comments in your “fail to chew through a mouthguard” goal. I was wondering if you were using the over-the-counter kind or if you had a prescribed one and if that made a difference.

I honestly don’t feel like I have a severe problem. I think the only time I’m doing the clenching thing is when my head ends up in a certain position while I’m sleeping. But my dentist did say my teeth tops are flat where they should be pointy and I do have fractures in a couple teeth. I’m big on prevention as a type of “insurance” against future problems.

I did go out and pick up a mouthguard at the drugstore. But I’ve since been made aware that since I have this gum problem (requiring the root planing and scaling) I should wait until after the root planing and scaling work before I fit it to my mouth and start wearing it. I have also learned that my dental insurance will cover a mouthguard for me at 50% because of the gum issues. My thought is to start with this drugstore piece and maybe move up to the custom dentist one if it becomes necessary.

Bee, I am encouraged when you say you have forgotten to take yours out. That must mean it’s very comfortable for you.

Last year my dentist whom I had been going to for 35 years retired and he chose a new young dentist to take over the practice. This young guy tries so hard to be serious and professional as he wants to gain the confidence and respect of us older patients. But when I asked him “is this going to make me drool?” I could see he came close to breaking down and laughing. :)

In all seriousness, I do have one more question – does the mouthguard make it harder to lie in certain positions? I move around a lot when I’m sleeping. Thanks!

Bee Sage obsessed with learning

It takes getting used to

The mouthguard will feel funny for a while. It took me about a month to get used to wearing my first one. That one was too big and made my lip stick out, but my current one doesn’t have anything on the sides of my teeth so it feels a lot more comfortable.

Mine never got in the way of sleeping. I usually lay on the side of my face and I only ever noticed it during that first month. I got warned about spitting it out while I was asleep, but I never had a problem with that.

The one problem I have had is when I got a cold and couldn’t breathe through my nose, the old mouthguard felt like it was filling my mouth. Other than that it’s been pretty easy going for me to wear it.

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