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One of the problems I've had is how to change the names of my family/friends for the memoir.

I have no interest in dragging people’s name through the mud and I know that a good deal of what “happened” to me happened because I let it happen or perceived something in a given fashion. After a while, if you’re wounded, you expect to be wounded again and again. You have relationships with folks who will wound you AND you perceive things as deliberate wounding that wouldn’t be otherwise. It takes time and healing to change that. But first you have to stop, take that leap of faith that things might be different.

That was likely one of the hardest things to do.

Anyway, I think I’ve found a “naming schema” that will allow me to write the silly thing without getting all caught up in a tangle of names and/or legal suits when I’m done!

Yay! Another hurdle complete….



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