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play go
started a game

my husband and i played one night. the rules are basically simple. we didn’t finish because we didn’t realize how long the game can go on for. i’m curious how you figure out who wins and when the game is over.


Determining game end

Usually in a friendly game of go, the game will come to a point where you both know who’s going to win, pretty much…then you can both agree to stop (the game ends when both people pass…)

If areas still exist where you can’t agree on who has control, you would continue.

19×19 (full size) games are very complex and can take a long time. To get used to it, playing on a smaller board may be helpful (I started with 9×9 and those go much quicker)

The onelin’s comment is correct. Most games especially at the professional level will end in surrender (a seasoned player is counting the number of points she holds or could capture, several moves in advance).

The rule of thumb is, pass your turn if you can no longer make a move that works to your advantage (ie. don’t keep filling up your territory if it’s secure). If both players pass a turn in succession the game is over. Count the points you control and the enemy pieces you’ve captured. The player with the most points is the victor.

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