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Ru ~ dig deeper Chasing rabbits, falling down holes

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Desperately Seeking Musing

This has been frustrating, since I had just made a big jump forward on the book publishing goal when this health speedbump knocked me off the road. It feels like someone walked up and punched my muse in the face. However, anticipating being trapped at home for several weeks, I pushed to get the new hard drive rolling so I can jump back in when my head clears and my muse dusts herself off.

I’m trying to woo her by scrolling through photos and writing, picking things I like and editing what I’ve done so far. I still can’t sit here for as long as I want to (yet), but hopefully by the time I can, infectious inspiration will hit me again. I doubt I’ll make my previous self-suggested test copy date, but I’m hoping to have something by the end of the month.

Extra thanks to DoubleN for her longtime & continued kicks in the bum support on this. Thanks to a lot of you for that, actually.


I sat

and pondered a bit before I made that comment, not wanting to further frustrate you in an already maddening situation, but thinking that maybe work on this would be a good thing for you in that twilight time of recovery before you can resume full physical activity. Sheesh, and you’ve already started working toward it – what a dynamo you are!

Just don’t push it too fast.

born2imagine What employer needs FT imaginers for their marketing?

Muses and all...


Could you use a furry “muse”? Many famous (and not-so-famous, too, I suppose) writers and artists have had a furry sidekick! Or maybe you already have such a furry being in your life (of the four-legged kind), but have never realized that he/she can also do wonders as a “muse”?

Just a simple thought!

p.s. And (who knows?) perhaps by now, you have long published your book with no muse in sight (including a furry one with four legs).

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