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learn html

even if i’m almost always on the net… i am so dumb with computer programs, and i really want to learn html so that i can play with my blog’s template. i totally don’t have a bit of knowledge on these things. and maybe when i’m done with this i can go forward, and learn web designing (hah! talk about dreaming big! hahaha!)


Look around the web

Have a look for HTML on the web and you will find lots of good free sites that can give you pointers. I never memorized all the code just thought of something I wanted to do and then went out looking for the code to do it.

Of course as you play with it you will learn the basics and you can just continue to play and learn. It can be fun once you get going. It can be frustrating at times too but you can always ask questions on the net. Lots of helpful people out there. :)

Dreaming big is the way to go. If you want to do it and you stick with it you can do it. ;)

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