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Kool Krate

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New: Kool Krates

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buy more Kool Krates. Seriously, someone help me find them.
Kool Krates

These dumb things are the perfect place to stack my DS games in. And being the gigantic fucking nerd I am, the number of DS games I own is now severely out-weighing the physical space in my Kool Krates. I want more black ones so they match, but I’d buy anything.

And our Wal-Mart stopped stocking them forever ago.

Seriously, these would be the best Christmas present ever, for all the jet-setting rich folk out there that read my 43Things. cough Steven cough


Kool Krates

Hey, Morgaine, it’s David, I manage the Kool Krates business and yes Wal-Mart only carries the krates occasionally. Please visit our site on Monday or Tuesday when our online store is finally online. if you would like to order online or you can reach us at info@rakstak.com. Thanks!

Kool Krates

site is www.rakstak.com

Oh my god

This is the best customer service ever. You’re seriously getting online shopping? I was on your site before looking around to see if you had it.

I love you.

I just ordered 4.


kool krates

I’ve been looking for more too and just found out that places like best buy sells them because they were made to put cd’s in so I’m going there this weekend. If anyone knows for sure where to find them, please post. Thanks!


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