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Berobi contemplating on what to do next..

Keep my room clean (read all 2 entries…)

Can the messy have withdrawels?

I don’t mean like pain, shaking, tweaking, more like the opposite, like something is missing, like your body is trying to revert back to where you were a “messy person”!! Do they have pills for this?!

(coming back down to earth) For the past two days I have been slipping, (coming home and just falling asleep with out picking up here and there) and that really catches up to a person.

Well plan B is too pick up in the mornings before leaving off to classes, while i’m still awake and functioning, lol now this one has to wake up earlier in the morning to do a better job.

I’ll update next sunday. good luck!!


i don’t know why but i find keeping my room clean so difficult. good luck

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