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Finally got 1

This past tuesday I ended up with 2 interviews again. One from an after school and a follow up interview with Starbucks. I felt real confident with Starbucks. It was the same interviewer again and really all she wanted to ask me about was my availablity for training purposes because early morning hours which is what I requested was the worst time for training. So we figured out that mid-morning, evenings, and weekends worked for me and for training. It was a short interview and she told me that she’d get back to me by Friday after she checked my references. Now I had no doubt that I did in fact have good references and I’m still quite confident that she’s gonna give me a call and give me the job.

The second job was for an after school. I got there an hour early so I ended up wondering around the area and getting some pizza. I was soooo nervous, more nerverous than I’d been for any job interview in the past. In fact I hardley ever felt really nervous. When I went in my palms were sweating and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I was so nervous. I had an interview with two ladies who introduced themselves as directors of something. They were nice but I felt uncomfortable. There was sweat forming on my forehead as I tried to answer their difficult questions. I didn’t think I did a good job mostly because my nervousness was apparent. The thing that I think saved me was the fact that I had a portfolio with me for them to see of my past lesson plans because this was basically a teaching position. Maybe thats what made me so nervous, the possibility of a job with much more responsibility then I’d had in the past. I walked outta there feeling like I bombed and convinced myself that I could still do better.

Anyways I went home and told my aunt about how nervous I was and told me that whenever she was nervous about something it always turned out the way she wanted. I felt better when she told me that because I thought ok maybe it will apply to me but I still had my doubts. Anyways to conclude this long story my aunt was right and I got the call that I got the position about an hour ago. Thank God! I’m so excited, I’m extatic, jumping for joy.

Still waiting on Starbucks which originally I felt really confident about and I still really want the job so we’ll see, she said she’d get back to me by tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure she will. I’m sooooooooo excited and I just can’t hide it :-)



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