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learn the kamehameha wave
You CAN do the Kamehameha Wave Technique in Real Life!

There is a book called Ling Kong Jing the empty force written by Paul Dong (please, no jokes about his name!) and I want you ALL to google ling kong jing. I have studied it with my grandfather since I was 5 back in tokyo. I can now knock a door off of a dodge ram, and can heal quite a lot of injuries too, in addition to being able to increase my overall power as a martial artist and warrior. PLEASE! Look up Ling Kong Jing! It’s real, I swear upon my honor it’s real! The world needs more healers and honorable protectors! Please learn this art, it will change your life!


he is right that thing totaly works i have been doing chi kung for 5 years and after one day of doing that…its incredibale i cant discribe how pleased i am with my results after a only few hours of training i still have a long way to go but in anycase thank you rougamaru i owe you huge!!!


Thank you so much! I was starting to think I had wasted my time doing this! Good to hear from somebody else who practices Ling Kong Jing. I was starting to think that I was the only guy around who did. Where did you learn it? when? who taught you? I hope I can ask, but it’s OK if you don’t want to answer, I respect privacy and all.
Looking forward to talking to you again!
Peace Out, One World!

Please contact me

I read your post and immediayly bought the book.. But I have so many questions and I feel that you can at least point me in the right direction and answer the questions I have in my mind. Who else can I talk to about doind a real kamehameha wave? My email is wmegenney@hotmail.com I hope to hear from you soon – Will

Hello! Pleased to meet you!

My E-Mail is Rougamaru@hotmail.com, but I RARELY EVER check it. Please ask me any questions you have! I’m always happy to help others learn more about the martial arts!

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is it really true? if it is i wanna try it.

YES, IT IS!!!!!!

Please look up sifu Paul dong, and his book. It will really change your world!
Peace Out, One World!

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